Rent a Vespa in Naples

Ride your own Vespa scooter in Naples! We’ll make sure there’s a Vespa 125cc ready and waiting for you at our Vespa rental partner. Explore the alleys of Naples city center like a true local or leave the city and head to the Amalfi coastSorrento or Mount Vesuvius. Rent a Vespa in Naples through us and we’ll make sure it’s ready for you when you arrive. Continue reading for more info…

About the Vespa scooters

The Vespa rental we work with is a long established family business. All their Vespa scooters are properly maintained. And they come with a top case for your luggage and helmets. So you can carry all the stuff you need for a day trip.

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You can choose between a 125cc, 150cc and 300cc Vespa. Please note that in Italy 150cc (and up) scooters require a motorcycle license. These more powerful scooters are also allowed on the motorway.

Rental requirements

Traffic in Naples is probably not what you’re used to. So please don’t underestimate this (and overestimate your own driving skills). You will have to perform a short driving test, so the rental staff can assess your driving skills and vehicle control.

There are a few important requirements for the rental of a Vespa. Please read them carefully:

  • driver’s license (category B/car for 125cc or category A/motor for 150cc and up)
  • For non-EU citizens: IDP or an official sworn translation of the driver’s licence (traduzione giurata)
  • experience riding a moped or motorcycle
  • credit card or €300/€500 cash deposit
  • rental payment in cash

Vespa rent Naples pricing

There are no hidden/extra charges for e.g. use of helmets. No mileage limit. Petrol is of course exclusive.

For 1-day rentals, pickup is from 09:30 and return before 19:00.

Summer 2023 update: minimum of 2 days rental in May/June/July/August

Duration125cc/150cc Vespa300cc Vespa/Beverly
1 day* (09:30-19:00)€60€90
2 days€140€180
3 days€210€270
4-7 days€60 per day€80 per day
8 days or more€50 per day€70 per day
* in May/June/July/August it is not possible to rent a Vespa for just 1 day (minimum 2 days)

Payment & down payment

Due to time wasters a down payment of 50% is required for all rentals. Once availability is confirmed we’ll put you in touch with the rental staff who will finalize your reservation. The remaining 50% you will pay on location.

Please note: if your driving skills prove inadequate you will not be able to rent the Vespa and the 50% deposit will not be refunded.

Where & when?

You can rent a Vespa in Naples every day. Our Vespa rental partner is located in the city center of Naples. The exact location will be in the confirmation email you receive after booking.

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