Want to discover Napoli like a local?

During our walking tours we’ll take you through different areas of our city. Through the Spanish Quarters, Rione Sanita, the historic center and places you’d never find by yourself.

We offer theme tours as well: food, street art, Maradona and more.

Looking for tours in Dutch? Check dan onze Nederlandstalige website met tours en activiteiten in Napels.


Get to know Napoli through its food, street art or memories of local hero Maradona. Our walking tours will help you get to know the city in a different way.


Learn how to make original Neapolitan pizza during our pizza class. Or enjoy local wines on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius during our wine tasting.

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We’ve organised a romantic photo shoot for people celebrating their anniversary in Napoli.. Got a professional opera singer to surprise our guests during a walking tour.. Had a nonna host a private dinner in her tiny apartment.. Sent an entire company on a treasure hunt through Napoli.. And we’re always looking for new unique experiences. Just ask us.


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