Learning Italian in Naples or from your own home

Has it always been your dream to learn Italian? To be able to order your coffee in a bar in Italy and have a conversation with the man making your coffee. We’ve got you covered! Come to Naples for a full immersion or study Italian from your own home. How?

Italian language group course in Naples, Italy

Option 1: Italian language course in Naples

The first option is to come to Naples and follow a group course or individual courses. You’ll spend a full week studying Italian with a professional language teacher at a language school in the city center. The courses are in the morning, so you can spend the rest of the day exploring our beautiful city (and practice your new skills). Courses are available in groups or individual, for all learner levels.

Option 2: Italian language lessons on Skype

Don’t have time to travel to Naples? Don’t worry! You can also learn Italian from your home. You’ll get private Italian language lessons from one of the qualified teachers on Skype. All teachers speak English as well.

What are the costs?

All prices for the different type of courses are listed below. No hidden costs.

PROMOTION: This summer 15 weeks online group course, 30 lessons NOW €270,-
Each lesson lasts one hour and thirty minutes.

Start learning Italian now!

Request a trial lesson on Skype or book your group/individual course in Naples: