Private digital tours

Discover Napoli from your home, now that it’s impossible to travel to our beautiful city.

We’ll take you on a live digital tour through Napoli! We’ll guarantee you’ll feel better after your virtual escape from the lockdown in your country.

With friends, family and colleagues

Invite your friends, your family or your colleagues. All you have to do is relax and follow the live broadcast on our exclusive Instagram live account. There’s a live chat during the tour so you can ask us questions too!

We’ll take you through the small alleys of the city, along the boulevard and other special places in Napoli. Let us know what you want to see…

How does it work?

Our private digital tours are on request only. Fill our the contact form below with a date and time that works best for you.

Duration: max. 1 hour
Location: on our private live Instagram account
Cost: € 50 excl. VAT

If you’re a business (or you want your boss to make this happen for your team), we can send you an invoice.

Please note:

  • each person will need to have an Instagram account in order to join
  • we accept credit card, bank transfer and iDeal payments

Request your private digital tour now!